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This symbolizes the contributions and efforts of a member who works "behind the scenes" working on a project or projects that the President feels needs to be recognized for all that the member has done during the past year.

Silver Dollar Award

Silver Dollar Award Recipients

**Jo Beck was the person responsible for chartering the Lake Arrowhead Soroptimist Club.  Jo was an active member of the Honolulu Club and transferred to the Sam Bernardino Club.  She had moved to Lake Arrowhead and began the task of our Charter.  Our club went on to Charter Big Bear Valley and Crestline Clubs.  Running Springs resisted our efforts and later accepted Big Bear’s invitation to Charter.

***Rose Lossing , our Charter President, received a Silver Dollar as a Charter Gift.  She had it placed on a chain and awarded it to a deserving member for outstanding service to the club and the community.  The tradition continues with the past recipients of the award as the committee making the yearly selection.  The current recipient or any of the previous recipients may cal the Silver Dolllar Committee meeting to select the new recipient for the upcoming year.  Traditionally, it is presented at the Installation Ceremony of the Incoming Board for the upcoming year.