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Every Girl Counts - Middle School Girls Leadership Group

This program invites 6, 7 & 8th grade girls to learn more about themselves, prepare for high school, and help them stay focused on a positive path for the rest of their lives.  This is a FREE program and is offered to all MPH students.  The events are held monthly at the MPH Cafeteria and sometimes include field trips off campus.  

Students meet after school in the Cafeteria.  The event usually starts off with a healthy snack and free time for the girls to unwind form their busy school day.  Next, there are fun activities, crafts, informative speakers and or exercise  to teach the girls while also entertaining them.  The program ends at 5:30pm.  Parents will be expected to pick students up after event.

The program is FREE!

This program is paid for by SIROW Fundraising and Grants from Soroptimist International and San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

Both the students and the volunteers involved in this project enjoy each event and leaves with a sense of accomplishment and renewed energy.  As you will see from some of the responses from last year’s survey…

6th Grader… “It’s the best program for girls there is!”

6th Grader… “I hope that it will go on for a long time and make other girls realize their dreams”

6th Grader… “I loved it. I really think I now know more about myself”

6th Grader… “Thank you for the lessons, the help and the fun :)”

7th Grader…“It was one of the most amazing experience I ever had”

7th Grader… “Greatest life improvement / tip program ever”

7th Grader… “It was so much fun to do all the activities!”

8th Grader… “I really loved the program. It was a really good experience for me”

Each student will receive a registration form that will provide personal health and medical history, identification, emergency notification and a photo and transportation consent release form in both English and Spanish.   

English versions:

Student Registration Form

Student Transportation and Photo Release Form

Spanish versions:

Student Registration Form

Student Transportation and Photo Release Form

Information from last year’s school year:

We averaged between 30 to 40 girls for each event during the 2013-2014 school year.  We found that a majority of the participants were 6th graders.

We kicked of the events by decorating bras to raise money for the SIROW Mammo-grant program.  Some of the girls completed community service by setting up a booth to display the decorated bras at a fundraiser at the Blue Jay Quilt Walk.  

The next event, we went on a walking field trip to the Historical Museum to learn about their local mountain history.  As we walked, the girls had a great time calling out two different cheers…”One, Two, Three, Four who are we walking for, every girl, every girl, every girl counts” and “two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate, every girl, every girl, every girl counts.”  The cheers were such a hit, we added them into the remainder of the events.  

As Christmas approached the girls decorated stockings for the Ronald McDonald House and for Rachel’s House.  They also enjoyed making holiday crafts and treats to take home to share with friends and family.  

One of our most important events, in today’s society, was our Internet Safety event.  Melissa Astle from D.O.V.E.S. (Domestic Violence Education Services) provided the girls with an interactive program designed to relate to the girls on their own level about how dangerous it is to share and post information and photos on the internet and the dangers of sexting (sex related texting).  

Some of the girls had the opportunity to help raise money and donated items for the D.O.V.E.S. program at local grocery stores at the SIROW Day of Service.  

The next event featured a nonprofit program that demonstrated for the girls how much energy is used and wasted in their homes.  The event focused on ways that the girls could help conserve and reuse energy and resources in their daily lives.  

The program wouldn’t be complete without an event focusing on self awareness.  Polly Sauer transformed the cafeteria into a relaxing yoga studio. The girls enjoyed yoga poses and breathing exercises, followed by simple self portraits and self image exercises.  Lucinda Swain did a wonderful job having the girls reflect on their feelings and self worth.  

To wrap up the successful year, the girls enjoyed a End of Year Party at the Lake Arrowhead Country Club.  This event wasn’t just about the party though.  Instead the girls were given plenty of interactive discussion and exercises to develop their summer resumes, their inner feelings and self image.

What they will Discover:

This is a great way for SIROW members to get involved!  If you are interested in participating in the Every Girl Counts Program, please email Tracey Moore, Every Girl Counts Chairman, at for further information.

The 2014-2015 Year program  was filled with many fun events during the school year.

Pretty in Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness and Artful Bra Decorating

Hit the Trail - Mountain Awareness and Environment Field trip

Read-Set-Go! - Personal Safety and Babysitting Skills

Let’s get Crafty- Celebrating the Giving with Christmas Cooking and Crafts

It’s a Big World - Global Awareness and Diversity Training

Be your Own BFF- Self Awareness and Health

Girl Power - End of Year Celebration, The Power of Women

Have a wonderful summer vacation.  See you in the fall.